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You're not being mistaken, here.

My old Serperior is coming back.

And yes, I mean it.
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So, how about that?
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First CORE, now THIS? This is not fucking fair; you didn't warn us about this shit.

This is the primary reason why I stick to Sites like Eka's Portal and FurAffinity. :I

So you're not going to ban a password cracker, but ban a raffle.

Not fucking cool. Not fucking cool.

This is a message to the DeviantART Staff themselves if they're reading this:

What you are doing is fucking STUPID. You're banning contests, but won't ban art thieves and hackers? What the fuck, seriously?

You have two choices:

1. Unban the contests, ban the art thieves and password crackers/hackers and apologize to the community for this.
2. You can do nothing and let us continue to be pissed off on this subject.

This is unacceptable, and You should be ashamed of yourselves for letting this happen.


To anyone else: I have other ways of being contacted.
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I'm NicoTheRapidash, in case any of you were wondering.
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[FE7] The Worst chapter EVER.

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 6:17 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen, Grab some Popcorn as I begin to tell you what is the WORST chapter in FE7.

Battle Before Dawn

This DOES contain Spoilers, so if any of you don't want to see spoilers, click away now.

With that in mind, Let's begin.

To start off, here's a few problems to begin with.

This chapter is FOG OF WAR.
There's a Gaiden Chapter to be unlocked, which requires both Nino and Jaffar to survive.
You're only allowed 10 units in Hard Mode.

Let's see, this chapter is already turning out to be bad.

In Hector's Mode, Maxime is a bigger threat as he waits in one of the side hallways compared to Eliwood's Story.

HHM Gives him these stats:

62 HP
22 Strengh
19 Skill
18 speed
5 luck
12 Defense
20 Resistance. No, that's not a typo.
11 Constitution

His weapon of choice is the Silver Lance.

And he moves. making him an even bigger threat.

Oh god, then we have Ursula.

Ursula is a Valkyrie, the promoted Troubador.

On HHM, After a few turns... SHE STARTS MOVING.

Worse is, She has Bolting. A long range magic tome which has a 3-10 range.

Either way; not fun at all. 

Then you have to protect Nino and Jaffar and Zephiel.

If Zephiel dies, Game over.
Oh god, and then there are the thiefs who come and try to escape with the good loot.

One of which is a BRAVE LANCE and a RESCUE staff.

This chapter can die in a fire for all I care. And this chapter also Makes Zephiel become who he is in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

So not only is this chapter difficult as fuck, but this chapter also shows how twisted Zepheil has become in FE6 after his father attempted to poison him.

Fuck this chapter. Just fuck this chapter so hard.

Skin by Wolfeenix
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